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OddsMonkey vs. Profit Accumulator 

OddsMonkey and Profit Accumulator are two websites for matched betting. Matched betting is also known as back/lay bet matching or even as double-betting. In this technique of betting, individuals can profit from making free bets which are offered by the bookmakers. It is based on a mathematical equation through an application, which is why it is considered as risk-free since it is not based on chance. There are two known online betting portals which pose stiff competition with each other – OddsMonkey and Profit Accumulator. 

Profit Accumulator Overview

profit accumulator

Profit Accumulator is a close rival to OddsMonkey with more than 20,000 active subscribers and around 200,000 accounts that are registered. They have come a long way from a small scale set up to a significant recognized and legitimate means of earning income in the comfort of the home. Profit Accumulator has been growing and updating their software and their applications to keep up with the growing needs and demands of the members as well as of the betting industry. They have even been nominated for various awards.  

One great feature of Profit Accumulator is the sense of community that exists amongst its members, where they bond with each other by offering support, guidance and by sharing and celebrating each other’s success.    

The members not only find support in themselves but Profit Accumulator also has a dedicated team for customer support to help out the members not only through e-mails or online tickets but also through telephone calls. The customer support is available seven days of the week to help out whenever it is needed. 

Profit Accumulator also has one of the best software in the industry which is hugely efficient and less time consuming for the customer and also quite simple to use, even for the beginners. They also have profit tracker and matched betting calculators which help the customers to be organized in their betting. More recently, in June 2017, they again launched a new software called Double Delight Hatrick Heaven Calculator and also improved their Sporting Index Calculator. This provides their customers more options and better and updated services.  

Their platinum monthly membership fees are of £17.99 that includes access to all of Profit Accumulator’s services. 

Most members who use the services of Profit Accumulator had great experiences to share and commented that you do not need prior experience to use this service. The software is quite user-friendly, and whenever there is a need, a massive community as well as a dedicated customer services team is there to guide you.

OddsMonkey Overview

OddsmonkeyOddsMonkey is another betting site in close competition with Profit Accumulator. OddsMonkey gives a free trial for new users, they can try out the service, and if they like it, they can then register and enrol themselves. In the trial, they are provided with two offers of bookies through which they can make around £45. With the signup, instructions take you step by step on how to do to the offers which are provided; there is matched betting software, video tutorials and a large variety of software that you will require for betting. 

The cost of the monthly membership at OddsMonkey is just £17.99, and the annual fee is £150. All services are included in this price. Moreover, OddsMonkey has a long list of sign up offers which helps the members to get used to the concept of matched betting and to eventually build up their bankroll. One great feature is their calendar which flags offers from each day and shows how much can be made from each one.

The customer services at OddsMonkey are also brilliant and available all seven days of the week. Users have the option of filling in an online form, e-mailing or using the FAQ’s. Not only the customer services support, but there is also a support group or a community of matched betting where users interact and communicate with each other and help out whenever needed.

One of the best features of OddsMonkey is how much help they provide to their users via the videos. There are instruction and training videos widely available for first timers as well as for the experienced ones. It helps to start the matched betting process as well as the know-how of advanced tools and the each way matcher.

Now here is their real strength – their unmatched quality of software. No doubt, it is the best in the industry. Since OddsMonkey started off as a supplier of betting software to other matched betting sites, it is no surprise that their own software has no equal. More recently, OddsMonkey has added Betfair Integration in its services and this has become yet another landmark for them. This software will help the customers to place the Betfair exchange bet through the main oddsmatcher directly without the requirement of switching tabs off to exit the site. It is incredibly convenient and saves a lot of time and speeds up the whole process. Furthermore, OddsMonkey made further changes to Betfair by lowering the commission to customers from 5% to 2% which is a plus point for those who indulge a lot in matched betting since this would save them money.

So how much can one make from OddsMonkey? This is again a question that differs from person to person. It all depends on how much time you’re willing to spend on learning the process. Customers who have been using OddsMonkey speak of great experiences with them. The forums are full of stories about their experiences, starting as a complete beginner to earning thousands a successful matched better. Customers continue to praise the customer services staff at OddsMonkey for their continuous help and support.

Comparison: OddsMonkey and Profit Accumulator

OddsMonkey, as well as Profit Accumulator, are both well designed, popular, customer friendly as well as profitable matched betting sites which are leaders in the industry. They both have a variety of strengths and weaknesses and loyalties and the comfort level developed with customers.

OddsMonkey strengths/weaknesses


  1. Their matched betting software is the market leader.
  2. No hidden fees, all tools are included in the price.
  3. Integrated with Betfair for 2% fees.


  1. Sometimes fewer offers than their competitors.
  2. The community forum could be more engaging and active.

Profit Accumulator strengths/weaknesses 


  1. Very active and engaging forum.
  2. A large number of registered users.


  1. Not all tools are included in the monthly price.
  2. The software is still lacking compared to OddsMonkey.
  3. No integration with any betting exchanges.

Our Verdict: OddsMonkey

After a thorough review of both these matched betting sites, OddsMonkey surely stands out in their performance. The main criteria for choosing a matched betting site would obviously be to make money. Nobody has a lot of time to spare, as most people who use these betting sites have day jobs and use these services at home to earn some extra cash on the side.

The most basic thing that appeals and stands out for OddsMonkey is the fact that their betting software is fantastic. The better the software, the better results it will give and the more money the users will be able to make. The software at OddsMonkey are not just upgraded but also extremely user-friendly, so there is no need to be an expert to run it, besides there are plenty of video assistance available on the site.

Another feature that appeals is the cost of OddsMonkey. Most people when starting out betting from a matched betting platform are generally hesitant in trying their luck or using too much money. Oddsmonkey is cheaper in that aspect and so it appears more appealing.

No doubt there is an excellent support and community sense in the forums at Profit Accumulator. The users are ready to offer their help, guidance and support to others so they all can benefit. A similar forum exists at OddsMonkey that is not so active; this may be due to the reason that OddsMonkey is relatively new to the industry while Profit Accumulator has been around for a longer time. OddsMonkey, however, has support through their own customer services and even offer a 1-to-1 remote session to reduce the learning curve.

Moreover, when it comes to OddsMonkey, they have recently expanded their software, which was already their core strength and added Betfair, as previously mentioned above. Having Betfair means, customers can now save a lot of time as well as this software is smarter and the odds are higher in this. Not only that, but it also helps to reduce and get rid of errors that users may make when entering details!

In recent times, there has been an overall decline in the popularity of Profit Accumulator, as their ranking is dropping which usually happens when there is less traffic. Even though the numbers of registered users are quite high, the numbers of active users are actually low. For OddsMonkey, on the other hand, things are looking up, they are gaining popularity day by day and their ranking is steeply increasing.

Thus it can be concluded that OddsMonkey is the latest and the most popular matched betting site for beginners as well as for experienced people as they offer significant benefits regarding competitive pricing, customer support, and of course high chances to make money through their superior software!

We’ll be putting our money on OddsMonkey; what about you?


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